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Q: How large of items does your oven fit?

A: We have a huge oven that measures 6 1/2 feet X
6 1/2 feet X 8 1/2 feet. If placed at an angle we can fit items up to 10 feet!


Q: What kinds of metal can be burned off?

A: We can adjust the temperature to accommodate various types of metal. This allows us to completely remove material without harming the metal. We can burn steel, iron, and aluminum.


Q: Will the heat damage the metal?

A: No, our oven was designed by Steelman. Steelman uses a patented process where the heat enters at the top of the oven and is controlled by sensors at the top and bottom of the oven. This allows for a uniform temperature throughout the oven. No portion of the metal will ever get hot enough to cause damage.


Q: Does this process remove rust?

A: Yes! With the addition of our acid bath we can remove rust from items whether or not we use the oven. We can also add a rust inhibitor to delay rusting until you've had a chance to repaint the item.


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Inside our oven

Outside our oven


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